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Lac de Sainte-Croix - a perfect paddleboarding location

Lac De Sainte-Croix is the perfect spot for first time paddle boarders. The water is really calm and easy to access from the shore. You can also paddle up the river which travels through the Verdon Gorge, France's answer to the Grand Canyon

Zavratnica Bay - a beautiful inlet and perfect spot for swimming in the sea

Zavratnica Bay is a beautiful spot to cool off in the sea and you can also snorkel a sunken ship.

Plitvice Lakes - incredible terraced lakes joined by waterfalls

Plitvice Lakes are a UNESCO work heritage site and it’s not hard to see why. The lakes and surrounding cliffs and waterfalls are fantastically impressive, you really have to see this place to believe it.

Lednice Castle and Cultural Landscape

The Lednice Castle and Cultural Landscape is a lovely day out. You can go on a tour of the historic chateau, wander round the architecturally beautiful playhouse or walk round the extensive tranquil grounds.

Teplice Rocks Adršpach - The Real Life Skyrim

Teplice Rocks has to be one of the most amazing landscapes I’ve ever seen, EVER! It has to be on your bucket list if you love hiking around stunning landscapes.

Pravčická Brána, Bohemian Switzerland's beautiful stone arch

At the end of the pleasant and easy hike up through the woods you find Pravcika Brana , a stunning natural stone arch.